My essay for the reason why expression is not overdone in public environment.

Nowadays with our gregarious culture we strive on interpersonal relationships, and as well we strive on our own solitude. Some believe we should keep our lives private, but in the state of the world now how is that even possible? With the rise and domination of social media in people’s lives clearly shows we can’t go a day without social connection. That connection emphasizes the overwhelmingly obvious idea that we need to share our experiences and create new ones. Our lives dictate that we crave the social connection, the expression we have when we connect, and that we can’t hide our lives or we would be forever lost.

Social media has risen from Yahoo’s Instant Messenger to the overglorified Facebook and Twitter sites. Most people cannot go a day without checking their status or feed, heck even I can’t stop checking my Twitter feed on a daily basis. This need for information about friends and neighbor’s lives is unquenchable. We feel the need to give out our information as if we were a salesman. We express our emotions on social media as well, the infamous “sub-tweet” on twitter is a term to define a tweet that secretly explains how someone feels about another without actually saying it. This can lead to problems or sometimes even solutions to hidden feelings.

We are emotional by nature, over the centuries humans have grown more compassionate about everything rather it be animals, other people, or even the planet itself. Our compassion leads us to new beginnings, if we hide our intentions things can only get more complicated. Studies have shown that we confess how we feel “too much”, that is just ridiculous. I feel we do not express enough. Our global culture is too dismissive and unwilling to change. If we do not make a change within ourselves and open up, how do we ever hope to change the world?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech “I have a dream.” has forever changed our nation, it’s deep emotional impact drives us to change our way of life. That impact echoes throughout our minds not even just from that speech, but from countless others. Those speeches all have one thing in common, the presenters honest opinion on a certain matter. It doesn’t matter what that topic was, but that those people had the audacity to speak out and separate themselves from the crowd. They were honest on how they felt and they made major changes for the better. Now there are some cases like Hitler who made devastating choices, but they were able to from the power to express and impress.

Being able to change another person’s opinion can be a powerful thing, and I hope I changed yours for the better. Believe in the openness in life and don’t hold back your emotions or things will never change. This all together seems to derive that openness is perfect, its not but nothing ever is. Who needs perfection when imperfection is even sweeter.


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