Philosophy is the Way of Life

When most people think of philosophy they think of abstract and controversial concepts. Which at the time of conception, they might have been. In our modern life we have come to terms with the fact that most philosophical ideas and dialogue are, at its core, common sense.

A lot of philosophical ideas are truly wonders of life, and should be treated as such. You can’t go about your life without it, or it is a life wasted. Sounds harsh although there is many examples, take Adolf Hitler, an infamous man. He was such a hated man, he is still hated by people to this very day, but he had philosophy. He had his own philosophical ideals, the “Aryan” way of life you could say. Although his faults he was a well-respected man within his ranks. For he knew how to captivate a crowd, albeit presumably by sharing his philosophy.

The point stands to question why we even question the importance of philosophy to this day, but isn’t that the point of philosophy? To question it?


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