Why I Dream to be a CEO.

This is a little more personal post but important nonetheless. Throughout my entire life I have always dreamed of creating my own path. I constantly challenged the acceptable norm, rather it be that I wanted to express my creativity by drawing or writing in class, or that I wanted to start a temporary tattoo business when I was ten. Both of these I did, to quite success as well. I even had a stand in the Earth Day Festival and sold my tattoos to people. My family told me “No you won’t make any money on that… people won’t buy them.” Well they were wrong. As I got older my passionate aspirations grew and expanded to such vast proportions that I don’t even talk about my goals anymore. Sadly this was my mistake. One of the things I learned is that feedback is exponentially crucial to the success of any venture or goal.

That is why that from today I am going to start expressing my passion in as many ways as possible, I need the feedback in order to grow into who I want to be. Here is what I’ve always been passionate about.

As cliché as it might be I want to reform the world. Change it for the better. We live in a day and age where we are constantly bombarded by new information and knowledge that our predecessors wouldn’t know what to do with. Just in one day we process more information that a man just a few decades ago wouldn’t have process for two weeks. My point is that with all this information we are not doing anything with it. We have the entire internet at our very whims. People still see one another as other “races” or that “they’re different from me”. In this delusional mentality we forget our humanity and our compassion, both of which have driven us to glorious heights in the past.

I dream to inform the world of this presence of prompt, potential change. We need to start unifying with one another before the world we live on is torn apart. We are one people, the human race. Sure we have different ethnic backgrounds but we ALL derive from the same source: Earth (or Terra in some languages). This is our home, it is about time we start taking care of it and ourselves.

-One for Change


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