Life is a Joke. No really.

By the title you might think that I am kidding or that I have a behind the scenes joke, I don’t. The whole concept of life is too big to even delve into at the moment, but think about it. Without getting too metaphysical lets just say that we’re the only life providing planet in the universe. We go about our days living one to the next, maybe getting a job, getting married, or having kids so that our family lives on. For what? We constantly go about this repetitive life in order to reach our “goals”. Our whole human history takes place in the last millisecond of the cosmic time-scale. (An example from the show: “The Cosmos”). That means all the world wars, all of the religious events from varied holy texts, and every single human event of the world took place in just a tiny instance of the universe.

My point to all this is that our lives are very inconsequential when it comes to the simple life. Don’t take this as me saying our lives are worthless, far from it. If we truly are the only living species capable of so many things then our lives are some of the most important facts of the entire universe. Our lives are a joke, because most of us don’t take advantage of the fact that we are capable of doing truly amazing acts. Like going to the moon, our closest celestial neighbor. That feat alone will spark inspiration into many people for generations to come. The fact that we sent a living being to it, with less processing power than in your cell phone!

Don’t take your life for granted. Strive for the best, then go past the best.


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