Violence in America. #makeachange

This is a constantly growing problem ever since our even conception of our country. From Natives to slavery to modern-day racism. This whole situation really has gotten better if you think about it, its hard to say, but its true. Coming from our ancestors who thought it was even remotely right to put another man in chains to work for them. Of course we’re passed that, or are we?

Slavery, the term itself isn’t complicated but it’s reach is. What I mean is that although we are far from treating other humans as slaves physically, we really are not all that far from treating them mentally and emotionally. As everybody knows our mental and emotional state is just as important as our physical one. Racism in a modern context really shouldn’t exist, in science we are all homo-sapien human beings. The only difference being your ethnic background originating from where on Earth (or Terra) your ancestors derived. Now I think culture is important but I don’t think someone should be treated differently just because they’re from another background. Especially if the person is from the same country as you!

To treat one person as if they were a pile of dirt just because you don’t agree with their skin. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment so I have a little bias when it comes to racism. (Meaning I truly despise racism). I grew up around Latinos, white/black people of different ethnicities, and way more. I never once thought anybody was less than me in any way.

More to the point violence in our modern-day makes me sad because we are supposed to be the world that our forefathers dreamed of when they made this union. The violence with raging wars, police brutality going out of control (ironically when police are supposed to be the idol of control), and simple things like animal cruelty (i.e. factory farming). There are people who speak out against  these things, I guess I am now one of them, but the only way things to truly change is if each and every one of you decide to #makeachange.


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