How YOU Can Change the World.

You might think that is no simple feat, or is it? Nearly every single individual on this planet has at one point wanted to change the world. Why did that person give up, or did the person succeed? Lets first look at what it means to change the world.

To make a substantial change you need to key ingredients: a cause, and a following. What is it you’re trying to change? Who is behind you on your effort? If you don’t have a war then why would you have soldiers? This brings back to the question if the person before had succeeded. Take Adolf Hitler for example, a well hated man around the world. Although in some places he is highly regarded, mainly due to his compelling speeches, and other factors. This hated man raised up an army behind him because his belief in his cause was so strong, so influential that people were swayed by him. He obviously had a following that amassed to the point it sparked a world war. That is one example of someone making his goals known and was actively pursuing them.

Lets look at another example. The Wright Brothers, they were two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are credited for the first sustained human flight. Though they may be renown now when they achieved they’re greatness they were just two grains of sand on a giant beach. Samuel Langley was the big honcho when it came to aerial affairs. He was hired by the government to develop a flying machine for the military. In this time he was well-respected, everyone had great expectations for him, and he was well-funded. So why haven’t we heard of him? When people think about the pioneers who lead sustainable flight we think of the Wright Brothers. That is because they had that cause to succeed, and even though they were unfunded, had barely any resources, and no recognition. Their determination allowed them to surpass the rest. Langley was supposed to be that person, but he got caught up in all the attention of the press, and when the going got tough he gave up. When you have a cause worth fighting for you don’t give up.

You might say so how does this fit in to you changing the world? Well anybody can start a revolution, but what’s your goal? My goal is to make the world a more universally unified planet. Quite a large goal indeed, but the bigger the better. I have my cause and I will fight to my last breath to make sure I succeed in this venture. Already I have started on the path that will take us on a vast end of serenity. I encourage you to think about what situation needs mending, or even a complete revamp.

Now I implore you, help me on my cause, connect with people who you normally don’t talk to, share kindness whenever possible, create a world that is kind and that works together.



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