What Learning Everyday will do for You.

Well, it has been a few days since my last post – an interlude of my own laziness. Now most blogs probably wouldn’t say that, yet I feel it is necessary. Let me tell you why. Laziness is a natural part of life, if we were to be extremely productive everyday of our lives we would quite literally go insane. The hectic nature of our lives now, is partly due to technology, but also due to our ever-growing culture. We constantly crave knowledge (knowingly or not).

In my absence from making posts to this blog I have pondered on where I want it to go. Just like my last post stated “we’re going to start talking about new age tech that will reinvent the way you live alongside our various philosophical posts.” That is what I decided on, for when I created this idea I wanted to cultivate new ideas (or rather ideas that were just forgotten) and create a community of which that was founded on these ideas.

The United Living Construct if you will. A construct that focuses on living together in a peaceful and “united” way. There is too much separation and segregation now, in our future holds great challenges and rewards. We MUST change the way we live NOW, or we will never get to see it.


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