Everybody, in Some Way, Wants to Make a Change, but How do they go and do it?

This exquisite article makes a good point in the fact that if you don’t change yourself, you cannot even think about changing the world.


Gandhi once said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  This quote has forever inspired me to strive for more than I could ever imagine. Let me explain. In my world I see people come and go, whether it be temporary or permanent. This is a sad fact of life, but the point in it is to appreciate the moments you shared. In my view I feel that we could as a society cultivate a newer and broader idea of living. If we could create a new way of making homes and living areas we might yet make our times with the people we care about last a little longer. 

That is just one point, another is that I wish to make the world a more unified place to live. That is no simple feat by a long shot. Most people start off to think “what” is the point to this, but I started it with the “why”. I’ve said before in other posts that we are one living race, and I am not alone in this idea. Toni Morrison is a great example, for we both know that scientifically we are just one race. There is no White vs Black because they are just two pigments to skin. I wish to change the way people view themselves. We cannot go on living as separated as we are. This world is going to crumble beneath our crusading feet.

Tell me what things you have always wish to change in the world. Maybe, just maybe we might be able to make a difference. Together.



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