The World Craves Change

I’ve said before how each and every person can make a quite substantial difference in the world. Now lets talk about some things that need to change in order to create the more unified world we are heading towards.

To start off lets clear an idea that the entire world is fooled by, that is the idea of people of different color or different background, being a different race. Scientifically this is quite far from the truth. Scientifically as modern humans we are designated as “Homo-Sapiens”, that is our “Race”. So to say that a Korean man or a Peruvian Woman is a separate race is false.

What needs to change is the social division that this social concept generates. The whole idea was a construct created to give an excuse for things such as slavery or invasion. Countries have based entire wars throughout the history of the human race because of this. Think Nazi Germany as a prime example. The scientific community deems that general use of the term “race” is used in a naive or simplistic way.

Now the separation of people is not just cause of this delusion idea. There are many other producers to it as well. Such as religion, politics, and ethnicity. Granted these are based on choices a person makes in their life (like being a religious person or atheist), and based on where in the world you were born (ethnicity). Although these concepts influence us they do not define who we are, for WE choose what we are and how we are portraying ourselves. If you grew up in a household that participated in KKK activities then it is your choice to join or resist. Another example may be you growing up in a conservative home, and you turning out more liberal.

These social classifications are here because we needed order to cultivate our lives, but there is such a thing as too much. This being said I personally am quite fond of the utopian society which consists of a large amount of order. Though a close mentor of mine once said to me that order cannot exist without just a bit of chaos. It is a balance that resembles the Buddhist or Confucian middle path. We need to simplify our constructs, for we have such a variety of situations that may occur we do not need to be prevented from completing our goals just because we disagree on how much money to spend or how little time it takes (I’m talking to you congress).

We sit here debating on which path is most profitable we forget to even move. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith in order to get to where you want to go. I myself am taking a leap right now by explaining my view-point on these matters, for I might have said something you disagree with and you’ll never come back to this blog. Though if you’re smart, which I presume you are quite intelligent, then you’ll be back for more!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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