Why Learning is Immeasurably Important.

People have the natural ability to learn from a variety of sources. What does this mean to the context of life? We absorb information on a constant and daily basis. Do we retain it all? Do we lose some of it, or does it stay hidden away? Possibly, but the question remains how does knowledge, no matter what kind and what of, affect our life? The answer is so immeasurable that even time travel gets involved. Life is crazy we all know that, and we all remember some adult telling us when we were young about how life is a roller coaster, etc.

Life is a roller coaster. There I said it. What you want me to explain? Alright.

We are in a constant state of flux, for the littlest detail we learn in a single day can determine a more than considerable part of our entire life. The butterfly effect is a prime example. In this effect the story goes: A man gets in a time machine in a bright and happy future. He goes back to the past, lets say to where his parents met, and he sees his parents meet for the first time (A wonderful thought no?). Although while he is there he steps on a butterfly by accident. Not thinking anything of it he goes back to the future. Suddenly he is appalled for his apartment is vacant, no recognizes him at his job, and his parents are nowhere to be found (lets say they still lived in town). Frantically he searches for a reasoning, he learns that the next day after his parents met, that his mother never saw the inspiration for her famous art gallery. (The beautiful butterfly that the man squished while in the past). She never chased her dreams and decided to leave town, did not date his father, did not get married, and therefore not have a child (being him).

He went back to the future (cue 80’s reference here, check) only to find out he had never been born!

The moral I meant to portray is that we learn everyday, and he must have learned that his mother’s inspiration for her gallery was, the butterfly, at some point in his life. If he did learn of such then he would have proceeded to be more careful. I know my meaning is pretty confusing let me explain.

When people think of the word learning they tend to imagine a school or college. The fact is that we learn EVERYDAY from everything. We learn somebody’s name, we learn that in the morning we get drowsy, we learn that the price of the cookie your child wants at the store costs $1.25. These tiny details that we learn at some point in our lives we inevitably affect us. I’ll give a personal example, about a week ago (pop culture reference, check!) I purchased a pizza and some bread sticks online. I learned that the price of the bread sticks costs $4.25. Doesn’t seem like much, but just today the pizza store came up in conversation and using this prior, in most situations trivial, knowledge to possibly cultivate a deal with a friend that if he buys a movie, and I buy the pizza and bread sticks. Us hanging out could be an event in my life that changes me. What if I get hit by a car, or in happier terms, I get the Pizza’s store 100th sale that day and I receive a really good reward. I then turn that success into more success. The story could go on.

Learning is so immeasurable that you are still learning what your own story will unfold. What events are in your future? Have you stepped on any butterflies (metaphorically) that might have changed your life? Let me know in the comments below!


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