A Portrait of the Future

Take a moment whether you’re at work or school, and take a deep breath. Imagine this, there is a bright, vibrant blue sky. Clouds are tucked away in different niches. There are people walking past you, smiling, waving. You are in a open city, the sky is quite the limit when it comes to your opportunities, but technology has allowed us to surpass even that. People are raised in an environment that fosters peace and innovation, so when they grow up they are still the happy individuals that they already were.

There is no crime, no violence, for there isn’t any reason to be. Everybody is fed, everybody is working, and everybody has a home to which they can customize to their liking due to new age technology. Education is cultivated not by strict systems but by getting the student to WANT to learn. Schooling starts at 4 years and goes to 21, but there is never a reason to stop learning. There would be a center where people of all ages could go and learn as much as they want about anything and everything. There would be a cafeteria where the entire city would go to eat, possibly at intervals. Students who had been learning history in school could go see their grandparents and ask them what they knew. People from different parts of the city could meet for the first time and create a unique bond.

There would be advanced technology just like you would see in Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars or Guardians of the Galaxy. The city would be just the right size that you could quite literally walk to the other side in about an hour. There would be of course some sort of transportation, but the beauty of it is there would be no need for vehicles like cars. Perhaps along the lines of a magnet train, or tube transport system. This city would be a beacon of innovation to the entire world, a utopia. This city would be the United Living Construct.

This place runs as if it was our future. I hope it to be, for this is what I envision everyday of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t visualize this glorious city-state. It would be a ray of hope and innovation for the entire world. We would cultivate bonds in people that would have instead tore countries apart. We would no longer be separated by the social concept of race. We would instead be together and united to pave way into the future.


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