The Upcoming Convergence of Phone and Computers

To start off there isn’t much difference between phones and PCs. Confused? Common Sense? Well here is the explanation, there is three major platforms on both. Them being Mac/IoS, Windows, and Linux (android). The main reason why I say that there isn’t much difference between both pieces of hardware is that we are headed in a direction where They are going to merge together. Now Linux and Windows are getting better at this than Apple’s os’. Even though Apple really started the whole idea. Disclaimer: I am not letting my personal preference influence this post as I want it to be unbiased.

Windows is making this obvious with “Windows 10”, making it all the SAME operating system. Even the phones are going to have the same OS as your desktop PC. Now there of course is small differences as that there isn’t going to be a desktop on a phone etc.

Apple is getting there too except that they’re wanting to keep Mac and iOS separate. I do think that after windows 10 releases, that they will conform to the idea more. They have always wanted an ecosystem for their devices. To “Provide an experience, not just a product”. They will get there, especially since they most likely have something hidden up their sleeve that will “step their foot in the door” so to speak.

Finally we have Linux platforms that are quite versatile. Android for example has a lot of freedom for customization and hacking. Whereas the other platforms really fall short on the vast amount of things you can do. (Don’t get angry at me fandoms, for I have a point). Linux is more a rather unknown platform really. If you go up to a person and ask about it they’re not going to realize that Android is a derivative of Linux, even though it is a widely known type of OS. Google being the main provider of Android is constantly trying to find ways to make its own ecosystem more unified. Examples being the creation of Play, Docs, Drive, and Chrome OS. Chrome OS is now supporting Android apps even. I think they have some ways to go in order to compare to Window’s pretty drastic change though.

I always say that with phones, Windows phone is the best. Now being a little more of a preference of the moment there is some grounding to it. Like I said earlier Android is very versatile in its wide range of things you can do. There a plethora of apps, plenty of third-party versions and phones that make it unique. I once had a tablet that had a full size usb port and some other pretty cool features. You wouldn’t hardly ever see that on other android tabs and never on an Ipad. (Surfaces however do have them but they’re a little more advanced tech wise). With Iphones (Ipods too) there is a simplicity to them that people cling to, and it makes others kind of frightened to try other platforms. They’re pretty powerful too, being able to handle fully 3D games before even android could. That being said all these features drain the battery like it was water in a desert. All platforms are working on improving battery life though, and with the new lithium batteries, not lithium-ion, I think they’re all going to be better.

Now we get to windows phone. Which I always say is right in the middle, for there is a great amount of customization with the start screen and color choice. One of the major faults is the app selection. When it started it out there was hardly any apps, and that was a major criticism too. Now its getting way better especially with windows phone 8.1. When they mix the Phone and PC OS too, they are going to mix the stores as well. Which will help with the app selection greatly.

All in all we are headed towards a great future in technology and I hope to see some great innovative ideas lined up. Lets look forward to see where all these platforms end up in the next few years, and see what changes have been made.


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