What the United Living Construct IS.

We made this page with one goal, to share knowledge in all its forms and to create a group of well-minded people. Together we can accomplish great and wonderful things in the world. We have a lot of strife in the world and I hope one day we can change that.

It is growing increasingly more apparent how separated, and corrupt our world has become. Not to say that there isn’t good people out there, in fact most people are good they just don’t show it. I have create the United Living Construct or U.L.C. for short to not only inspire people to be the best they can be, but to also unite us in a path of the future.

At the moment it is merely a social concept, a concept of creating a group of like-minded individuals. This group will lead the path of our planet’s future and go to great heights.

Earth at the moment is at a tipping point. I said before that the world has become corrupt, although we have come a great distance, we need to strive for more. I’ve made the point of that there isn’t any “Race” scientifically, in another post. https://unitedlivingconstruct.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/the-world-craves-change/ This idea was created in order to put down people of other ethnicities. It didn’t even start in America, for this thought has existed for thousands of years. The thought of someone of a different skin being of less value than yourself. This isn’t true, everybody has the potential to be extremely of great significance. #potential

I truly believe in the potential, and I want to spark this in all people. Once this spark shines we can unite in life. We will construct a beacon of hope for the world to look to, and cultivate a way of life that would guide the very future of the human race as a whole.

Thanks for reading, -Dustin

Listening to We Are the World:


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