This Passion that DRIVES Me for the U.L.C.

In some of my earlier posts I discussed what the United Living Construct is, and how it is truly what this world needs. YET I did not discuss what this means for myself. The U.L.C. is something I devised quite some time ago, and I could never quite get a concrete idea on how to pursue this grand endeavor. Now I am on that path to create this wonderful construct, and hopefully to create a really united and peace-loving world.


Why is this so crucial to me? Well let me indulge this inquiry, for this idea is something that is dear and true to my heart. Every. Single. Day. I think about the U.L.C. and not just in a thought but in my emotions. Practically in my bones, and it is this, that I believe I will be successful. It is this passion that drives me, and it is this passion that will let me achieve want I dream to accomplish.

Everyday I see this vision of what the world can be and will be. I am pursuing this ideal because I know I am not the only one who dreams of this, BUT I know I am the only one at the moment with the right amount of passion and perseverance to accomplish such a grand feat. Although I will not do it alone, I will need every single one of you and everyone who is like-minded in the peaceful world, to get this construct made.

It won’t be small, for this project can and will change the world. It will shape the course of history, with us riding along. This being said it might take years, but our paths will converge to a mighty standing. We will create a society of which the world has not yet seen, and we will be the beacon of hope to world of what it means to be a human being.


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