Why you are losing your idealism and steps to get it back.

As we grow up we are told to follow our dreams, but as time progresses the adults in our lives consistently demolish our ambitions. They want us to “follow our dreams” while staying within the lines. Yet it is the out of box thinking that make the minority extremely successful.

Why is it then that people tell you to chase your dreams, they also put you down? Is it a secret challenge to make you think out of the box, or is it a play to get you to conform? Too much has this happened, and people think that communism is bad yet in some forms America follow this policy. I’m not going to go all conspiracy theorist here but I am stating the facts that you get put down in life.

What’s the point to doing this? Whatever it is the fact of the matter is that you have less idealism then what it takes to get your dream into reality.

Here is how you get it back and how to keep it. Firstly stop doing what other people tell you. Now I’m not saying stop listening to your boss, but if you have a friend that tells you not to do something you think is important then stop listening. Change your assertiveness I guess you can say because to follow your dreams you are going to need your ambition and the ability to push through the crowd to get your foot in the door. So to speak.

Secondly practice good habits. Not only is this just good for you in general but it also boosts your moral and creativity. Some habits could be your diet, hobbies, or even your route to work or school. Changing these things creates a different outlook for you. For example taking a different road to work. It may take a few minutes longer but you may see an event, such as a mugging or a person giving someone flowers, that will change the course of your day maybe even life.

When it comes down to it things aren’t always going to go your way. Opportunities are not going to step in your door. This is why you need your idealism and ambition to make your own opportunities and achieve your goals.


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