The Future of Humanity

The Prelude of the United Living Construct

This blog in of itself is a humble start to something truly great and expansive. We hope to create a unique way of life that you can easily implement, yet it makes the world just so much better. Meaning YOU can change the world. This idea may seem radical at the moment, but over time it will just get easier and easier to live in general, and it will create sustainability. We as a planet desperately need change. Maybe a drastic one or maybe something simple, either way the point is there.


The United Living Construct, in its very name, is what we intend to create. Starting out by showing each and every one of you what our philosophy is, and by introducing unique technologies that you haven’t heard of before. In the image above it shows a man-made city. This city is a prime example of technology and nature working together in harmony. This is our future, for if we deviate, from this even just a little, this is what will lead:

Bleak and destructive. Truly an inferior option. The idea of consumption can and will be changed. We do not need as much as we think. Now I personally think that indulgences are very good, not only for our happiness, but some can even be good for others or our Earth. i.e. Gardening

Hobbies are just one thing that can be good. Curiosity is something that has led innovators all over the world achieve things. I believe that technology can be vastly improved by this curiosity. Let yourself indulge in this idea. Lead your hobbies and whatever ideas you may have into the future, and let them evolve into something great!

I hope this post intrigues your interest, and that you follow for more interesting articles!


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