The Distraction of Social Media

Social Media is a great way to connect to old friends and family, but over time I have seen its underlying influence on your body and mind.

My disclaimer to this is that just today I deactivated my Twitter (which in 30 days it will be deleted), and deactivated my Facebook (if I delete it I’m not sure what would happen to the United Living Construct’s page). As well as deleted the apps off my phone and start screen.

I have realized the true effect from these sites:

The pros are that you can connect to people, create new relationships, and communicate in ways otherwise impossible.

The cons are that many people use these sites WAY too much, for they are a means of communication, not a journal or blog. I myself am guilty of this too. Also there are a variety of mental illnesses that you can get from these sites, and not just addiction, but cyberbullying, depression, and more.

Here is a link to an article that talks about it a little more:

Not to mention the constantly changing privacy agreements, I mean come on Facebook? Do you really need that much access to our stuff?

You might think that well this being said, what can I do about it? I’m not going to give up these sites or ways of communication. Well I thought this way not too long ago, when I started my departure from SM. I did things like not going on FB for a week, and either I did it or I caved in. So in a more drastic resort I choose to deactivate my FB account. I started to focus more on important sites online, I started to feel less stressed, and I didn’t waste my time dealing with the few whiners. This worked for a while, more as a temporary band-aid for the situation. I came to the conclusion that I either needed to just stick to one extreme or the other.

Have social media or don’t.

The thing is I love checking my Twitter. Seeing funny posts, philosophical ones, or checking up with friends. The thing is that its distracting wherever I go. I remember when I was still in school that I would go out of my way to bypass the block to go on FB or go onto twitter in the middle of class. And for what? A measly excuse for a joke or two?

The thing is that I’m not trying to say that social media is bad, and it causes depression, but it can. I want to point out the possibilities that may affect you or that will spiral your emotions.

Immediately today I feel a little relieved after deactivating. its a little scary because its a big change, but thats the point of the U.L.C. to #makeachange for the good. Now this will allow me to focus on more productive pursuits and allow me to use that time, that I would have used on my news feed, for things like working out or reading.

Let me know what you think in the comments! I look forward to your thoughts!



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