How YOU can Create Peace

We talk a lot about how the world needs peace, yet we do not discuss how we can achieve it. Well here are four steps or options to get started:

1. The idea of paying it forward. You do a simple kindness (like paying for a stranger’s meal), and tell that person in return to spread the kindness to three other people. Eventually that can easily lead into the thousands of people.

2. Start basing your actions towards peace, pacifism vs violence, smiling at a stranger instead of quickly looking away, etc.

3. This one is a little more out of the box, but change what products and services you use. For example Wal-Mart as cheap as it may be, it is quite a bad corporation. Causing many small businesses (that make our country thrive) to dissipate, paying their manufacturers workers next to nothing, etc. Just look at the products you use and make sure they aren’t animal tested, or treating their animals horribly (like Uggs).

4. Lastly share this blog! No I’m serious, just think even if just a handful of you share this that will ripple within your friends. The more we grow, the more we can help our planet achieve great things. Plus you would be paying it forward, for the kindness extended to us, will be payed forward to anybody we come across!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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