Depth VR and the Future of PC Screens

Right now on Kickstarter there is an amazing product called Depth VR. It is a device that in two parts, a camera and special pair of glasses, that together allow the user to immerse themselves much deeper on a variety of pc programs.

“Depth-VR is a 3D head tracking device that brings unprecedented realism to 3D objects on your computer screen.” -Kickstarter

Here is a link below:

Using this technology the product can track where your head is, and what you’re looking at. Allowing for a truly immersive experience with design, gaming, even movie watching. Now if you pledge a little higher you also get a really neat motion controller that uses the same tech. Making the immersion that much deeper when you’re playing a game or even using it in a presentation.

This innovative product is design with the future in mind, and the creators specifically even made it with a futuristic design. Sure that’s purely aesthetic but worth to say nonetheless. The device works by using 3D depth and head tracking. Using the LEDs in the glasses the camera sees where they are (I guess you could say similar to Sony’s Project Morpheus). Now if you don’t have a 3D display, like me, no worries in addition to the polarized glasses which is for the 3D screens, there is also ordinary red and blue 3D glasses!

They really thought ahead in many ways to ensure the top-notch product that you don’t see very often. Products in this Tech genre generally are under-developed. Whereas the creators have been developing since March 2013. So you know they’ve been working hard.

Now it is this kind of technology that I live for, and that the United Living Construct adores. We need to keep making innovative products like this in order to reach the bright future ahead of us. I hope you liked this post and don’t forget to back the project on Kickstarter! There is, at the time of writing, only three days left!


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