For the Glory of Life

Firstly a note. This blog is about Technology AND Ideology, that being said we’ve had more of one than the other lately. We will strive to create a more equilibrium of content so that all viewers are content.

Now to the point. Life is an amazing experience. Enough said, are we done here? Well not really because the other day I had an epiphany: I realized how fragile life is. Yes I know it’s quite obvious for people die everyday, its sad but its life (or rather death?). Anyways I have had this thought before as morbid as it is the other day it truly hit me. I believe anyone can have an amazing future if you put your mind to something and aim for it with everything you got, but what if that is taken from you? What if by some chance you get hit by a car or even attacked by another person? That’s it, the end. It’s a horrible thought but it has to be there otherwise you won’t realize how precious you waking up everyday is.

Just the fact that you get up in the morning is a blessing no matter what religion you believe, or even if you don’t. Our lives can be stopped at any moment, any day, at any time. That is why you need to be thankful to yourself and to the people around you, just purely of the fact that you are alive.

As the title said, for the glory of life. Life is truly glorious, and make sure you realize that every second of everyday. Then you will be on the right track to the purest form of happiness and success.


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