Rise of Leadership

Over a period of time one single person can create an idea that drives millions of people to follow in the person’s footsteps. I am of course talking about great leadership. We have had many great leaders throughout history, so lets talk about a few, and about leadership itself.

One key characteristic of such leaders is the determination to achieve their ambition. They had a vision of what they thought was the right idea and chased it to their dying breath. This amount of determination can amount to far more than success, it leaves a legacy. A legacy that will be remembered as long as we live.

A key figure in our modern age was Steve Jobs.

Steve had a vision of what modern computers could be like and how they could be used in our lives. The way that Apple devices interconnect and have common features all around is one thing that makes the company prosper. I, being a Microsoft fan myself, have a lot of respect for their devices. For I may not like the user interface personally, I do know that it is quite simple to use, and intuitive. The company also drives for innovation, really stemming from Job’s vision of the future. Steve once said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

These traits had carried him throughout his career and led to true success and innovation.

Ascending to a leadership position in life is not an easy task. In fact most of the famous leaders didn’t even want to be in that place. George Washington, our beloved first President, did not want to be the “Leader of the Free World”. Much of that decision still did not change the fact that he was a leader by nature.

Another great leader and teacher, was Gandhi. A highly influential man who aimed to overcome great oppression. Being schooled as a lawyer, he had an insight to the way life worked, that allowed him to have a slight advantage. Although not always, in fact he had many trials that nearly prevented him from his goals. A man is almost the symbol of peace, alongside many figures like Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, etc. He had his many faults, as many people do, but even still he is extremely important.

The quote within the picture above is my most favorite quote of all time. I’ll explain why, for to truly understand you’ll need a bit of background. Growing up in a multicultural environment and with an empathetic mother; I gained an insight into sociology, culture, and psychology. I learned how people worked and how people interact. Using this knowledge over the years I look more at people and social interactions as if I was a deductionist. Now with this prior knowledge at hand I started to realize some the true faults of humanity, such as the ease it is to grow angry, or the escalating cycle of depression. These things can be avoided, and in fact be replaced by compassion and self-reflection respectively.

This being said I sought out to #makeachange on this matter, and one way to do so was to create the United LIving Construct. The U.L.C. is a social construct (at least solely for now) that allows people to interact with other like-minded individuals. Who in a whole create a society that will lead the world into a new dawn.

That is the reason why that is my favorite quote. It has inspired me to start that “Change” I wish to see acted upon this vast world.

I hope this post has given you an insight to not only the glory of leadership, and of me, but of the United Living Construct as well. We will continue to prosper under our dear blue sky, and one day we will overcome the world-wide strife.


2 thoughts on “Rise of Leadership

  1. Apart from what you just said, being a leader, and not just a leader but a great leader, it starts at how a person have been cultivated by their good environment, and how they are raised by their parents.


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