There is No “Race”

I constantly hear the term “Race” come up in subjects, and I get so irritated by it. This is why, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ANOTHER HUMAN RACE. At least not now. What I mean is that we are all Homo-Sapiens, that is our race. Now if someone from the Homo-Erectus period came to this time then that person would be a different race. The actual term race is a social concept that was created to endorse things like slavery and the caste system.

Scientifically that is the definition of race, Homo-Sapiens. So when someone says that a black man is a different race than a white one, that is an ignorant statement. Ignorant of the fact that they may be a different “ethnicity”, but not race. Even ethnicity could be wrong. As in the United States we have people of all skin tones being born and raised here. Making all of us technically the same ethnicity and race. So when those “racist” politicians or rednecks start talking about “race” it just sounds so unbelievably stupid.

This rant has come to be because of the rise of this “Race” talk. We need to eradicate this idea and solely have the human race. As we are meant to be.


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