The World is a Phoenix

Weird statement, no? Think about it, no matter what has come our way as a species we have overcome it, and have continued on. We go to our lowest point, then strive on, and continue the fight. Such as a Phoenix would do, its lowest point is that it dies. After death it comes back, in flames and stronger.

At this moment we are at a particular intersection, we are right at the point before our lowest. The declining awareness of this situation is alarming. Think of the homeless guy in movies holding a sign saying “The end is nigh”. I’m not homeless but this is my sign to you. Wake up and look at what is right in front of us. I’m not trying to be rude here though, just think if you say a train is headed towards a bunch of people, wouldn’t you yell at them about it?? We need to #makeachange . The subtle stuff isn’t working any more, like the little recycling or driving a “hybrid”, whatever. We need to all start cultivating our lives to be more sustainable as much as possible, even myself. I started by doing things like keeping my body in a peak condition, changing my diet, and changing how I interact with people.

Granted this change still needs to become a habit, at the moment it is purely conscious choices I make to get to a different outcome. I need to continue my diet (mainly making sure I don’t drink soda), keep working out and maintaining my body, and keep up socialization.

The reason why I say this is to give you an example as to what you can do. America is very hedonistic and self-absorbed. We need to change this. A lot of other countries look at us and think this way, and you might say who gives them a right to say that about us? Well not only do we deserve it, we gave them the right. Freedom of Speech people.

We are quite hypocritical too, we talk about how “third-world” countries have starving people and they don’t have a well maintained government. Well we do not either. We have a large portion of our population homeless, and starving. The truly ironic thing is that we have twice as many empty homes and we waste a tremendous amount of food daily. In fact a lot of homes are going to rot because no one is buying them or keeping them proper.

My point is we are at a point of communal destruction. We need to aim towards a new path, personally I’m not even sure our capitalistic system is going to work, I believe in a utopian lifestyle (see Plato’s Republic, or More’s Utopia). I digress, for our system was put in place for a reason and hopefully that reason hasn’t been lost.

Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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