The Future of Footwear

When I envision the future I don’t see a million brands all trying to make their mark, some have come and go, but most just joined together to reach a bigger market. Saying this then what is going to the be that leader in the market? I believe the CMUK. is going to be that company. Their innovative ideas and startup will usher in a new wave of innovation.

They got their start as a Kickstarter project. Successfully I may add, getting nearly double what their goal was.

Being a person who has worn the shoes for quite some time myself I am most pleased with their total design. I walk everywhere and most shoes can’t stay formidable enough to keep of with me, with most of my shoes being heavily damaged at the heels. Not to mention comfort or looks, and not only does CMUK shoes look great with almost any outfit (If they don’t look good with one, then another pair will), they also are greatly durable. For they are specially designed in a way that supports your body while maintaining a slim and breathable nature.

Just look at them, they’re have so much aesthetic beauty to them that is purely pleasing to eyes, and underneath? A pinnacle achievement of the human ingenuity.

In my experience, like I said I walk a lot and the heels of my other shoes get torn apart. These bad boys have a little rub down, lets be honest I put an absurd amount of pressure on my heels for them not to have something. But think about it after months and months of wearing these its only a little rub down, and on the inside the insole is SLIGHTLY compressed. Compared to my other shoes looking like they were in a horror film.

Their slogan is “Take on your world feet first.” and that is what I feel like when wearing them, no longer am I distracted by foot pain or worrying about if my shoes look good or not. Matter of fact I’m considering buying another pair today to try out a new color, and ol’boy is there options. They come in so many different colors its crazy.

Here is one pic to show a SMALL amount of the colors they come and will come in!

These shoes are the future and I hope to see them everywhere in the near future!

If you want to get a pair yourself then go to their awesome website!


2 thoughts on “The Future of Footwear

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I got a pair of the blue steel ones with yellow laces and have worn them on every trip I’ve taken since. Best travel shoes I’ve ever had. Super comfortable. They easily slide on and off which is great for going through airport security. I have done everything from hiking to running in them and my feet have never been more comfortable. I’ve gone on a few boat trips too and they’re ideal as they have a good grip/traction. These shoes are extraordinarily versatile and the company (CMUK) has created a very unique and well-designed shoe that I will be wearing for a long time.

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    1. I’m glad you agree! I’ve talked to one of the heads and I have to say they are really great people and you can almost sense the innovation over the phone. haha I love the shoes, I’m wondering though how they will handle in a pool.

      Btw congrats on being my first official comment! 😀


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