We as Americans love drama, its true. We constantly crave more and for what? A momentary pleasure? This has to stop, we give attention to people and events that truly do not deserve it.

Take Bruce Jenner for example:

The Kardashians alone are literally just money rolling drama, Bruce here must have spent so much time around them that a unconcious jealously grew within. People are literally buying millions of magazines, and spending their precious time over somebody who clearly has gone off the deep end.

We did the same thing with Michael Jackson:

His actions were so bad that it was hard for me to find a semi-flattering picture. I felt he at least deserved that, even after all the drama.

We seriously need to stop this mass delusion, just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are super human. Meaning they can, and most likely will, crash and burn. It pains me to say this, it really does.

We NEED a more sustainable future, and most people think that solely includes diet, and recycling. It doesn’t. OUR ACTIONS need to be sustainable too. Them being:

Stop being a media fed nation.

Stop laying about, even if you stay at home make yourself active. Workout, read, learn from the interwebs.

Finally, start being conscious of the world around you. Most Americans (not just USA) seem to forget that there is an entire world of people and problems all around us. We need them in our lives too, we need unity.

Disclaimer: Sorry if I offended anyone. Though if you got offended about Bruce Jenner, then I fear for your sanity.


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