The Beauty of Windows 10

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “the world needs more unity”. Windows 10 is doing just that!

If you haven’t seen the new press release for Windows then check it out at the break below!

If you want a simpler video to watch with the info then here you go!

Windows 10 has many new features that implement a genuine and universal feel across all of your Microsoft devices. 

Here are just three of the awesome new features to get you enticed:

  1. All the apps are from the same store, and I know that doesn’t sound like much, but that means that you will get the same experience on all devices. So your music, your office, gaming, etc.
  2. Cortana the artificial intelligence for Microsoft devices is on your operating system. She is a very capable voice asistant that helps you with your everyday needs. They may include simple searches, or even complicated moments on your “Spartan Browser”. 
  3. The cloud is far more than what you see when you look up. Cloud integration has always been a Microsoft gimmick, lets not lie here. Though I have to get credit where credit is due, they have been hard at work at making it a seamless and unique way to do your everyday actions. Gaming, photos, music, office, all of these are just a few examples of where the cloud shines on Windows platforms.
Cortana in all her glory.

This isn’t the end guys, Microsoft has gone overboard with new stuff. I am so excited that this post is bringing me pure joy to write. I believe gaming is a good way to release one’s self from everyday stress. PC gaming has always been quite common, but now it is on the next level. 

Games are going to get a boost with the new Directx 12, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is an underlying program (over-simplification) that has always run your games. Now with a new and improved version. Directx 12 is going to be on Windows 10 on PC and Xbox ONE. 

For a little more info I’ll send you over to IGN.

There is also a new Xbox app for windows devices, that will give you access to all of your achievements, to your friends, it also allows you to even record your games (all games, even ones released before Windows 10) on your pc and share it with all of your friends. 

Now for the first time, PC gamers and Xbox ONE gamers can play the same game together on their separate platforms.

The app itself is even aesthetically pleasing in addition to being versatile.

Lets talk vision, or in Microsoft’s case, “Windows Holographic”.

These new “Lens” if you will, allow users to experience Windows in a way never before. This isn’t just solely for gaming either, it works with the universal apps that Microsoft is aiming to sustain. Screens, no matter how beatfiul or high resolution they are, tehy are still a flat view. Windows hopes to change this with “Holo-Lens”, now you might say “this sounds familiar” well it is quite similar to Depth VR. As I wrote about before ( there is a niche in the market for these new types of devices. When I wrote that older post, I had no idea the Microsoft had this in store. Both devices seem to be an amazing step in the right direction.

For more information check out the video below.

Now I believe that even with all this amazing innovation, that there is still room to grow. I personally am constantly on the look out for innovative tech to scratch my Virtual Reality craving. I actually purchased a really versatile motion controller called the Asus EEE stick, which I might do a review of in the future.

These are just many dreams that people have when thinking of science fiction. Virtual reality, Augmented reality (Holo-Lens), same system experience, etc. We are watching the birth of this road to the future.

All this amazing stuff just goes to show that MIcrosoft is heading towards a successful future.

I didn’t get a chance to talk about all of the awesome new things coming our way, so I encourage you to check out their PR video above and to go to their social media pages!

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