The Amazing Nature of Religion and Blind Faith

I grew up around religion, as many people do. Though in my experience two outcomes derive from religion. One being enlightenment, or the idea of having an insight in the world around you, and within yourself. Second is that if you don’t treat it as philosophy or a way of thinking, then the “way of life” aspect is blinding. I believe that if you are going to be religious then take it to heart yes, but do not let it blind you from becoming more than what you would be otherwise.

This may be a controversial post, but that is one of the points of this blog is to #makeachange, and discuss the aspects of life, in order to create a new world. Out of the ashes of the old and corrupt one.

Phoenix rising from Planet Earth - 212

I do not wish to offend anyone, just take these thoughts into consideration, even if you are completely driven by your religion. I grew up questioning the world around me, in a philosopher type manner. I asked “why” to things that people never really gave any thought to, and it is this that made me think about religion. It made me think that why is it that people have so much faith in an unproven concept? I’m not going to be like, oh it all need scientific proof, but still. I didn’t have that faith in youth so I didn’t understand. Perhaps to release themselves from the existential terrors of existence, which for the sake of the sanity of my followers I haven’t talked much about before.

Now I am not saying religion is bad, in fact as much as I seem against it, I actually love it. I love all religions. Though not in a way like most, I see it more as philosophy more than anything. I love to learn and I believe religion is a great thing to learn from. In fact if you are going to read anything, then start with religious texts.

I stumbled upon this image above, and it is absolutely perfect. These books above are the prime examples of philosophy that are always good to keep in mind. The Gita has good ideas about duty and following your path that was set in place for you. The bible is a good source for learning many different aspects of God and how should follow your life. The Analects and the Tao Te Ching both are essential for the balance of life and with the Buddhism tome then the middle path is set out ahead of you. The Torah and Qur’an are both really good as well.

That is it for today, let me know what you think in the comments below, as I’m sure I might have poked at somebody by attempting this post.

Thanks for reading!


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