Igniting YOUR Spark

In our “About” page I speak about everyone has a spark of purity within them. Whether you want to call this “soul” or “atman” or not, that is up to you. We have this all true purity in us, even when separated from religious ideals. I believe that it is the people who realized this, and have expressed theirs, who are the ones that are truly successful in life. That spark can be passion, ambition, or even love. Something that they give their all to. One major example is Steve Jobs, who followed his ambition, with his passion.

This man singlehandedly change the way we work with computers, even Bill Gates himself admires his ambition. Though both are truly remarkable. Nowadays everybody is wanting their share on the success wagon, yet they do not ignite their spark inside. They don’t develop themselves to their own cause, and they will always fail.

This spark is what will define you, and your legacy. Don’t get too pressured by the idea. Do get inspired.

This post is meant for you to realize what your spark is, and how you can ignite it in your life. Don’t know what it is? Well try these things:

  1. First find what makes you happy, if that is your hobby, or your family.
  2. Find how you can use that as your asset. If it is your family, maybe share your experiences for the world to enjoy, or a family sitcom. Whatever you like. 🙂
  3. When it is your asset then you can use it. If your hobby is making birdhouses, then make birdhouses for your community. etc
  4. Finally then just continue your internal flame until you can’t anymore, and on your deathbed you will realize your life was full of achievement!

As always thanks for reading!


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