Pay it Forward for Change

We’ve all heard the phrases “pay it forward” and “treat people how you want to be treated”. These things are so true, and I cannot stress that enough. The simplicity of these thoughts are astounding, and yet most people don’t implement them in their lives. Why?

If even three people did this and that spread to a hundred more, and immediately stopped. Then so what? That is a hundred people WE HAVE CHANGED. That is no small feat, the statistics always make people feel small, but even just changing one person’s mind can be amazing. Even if all of our followers read this post, and one of them acted upon it, then the people in that person’s lives would change. Eventually leading to a change in the community, and farther, but if we ALL act upon this ideal then great things can happen. We can start living in a more prosperous life, as a person, and as a country as a whole. Maybe even the world!

These things don’t take a messiah or president to accomplish. Everyday men and women do great things! Gandhi was just an ordinary lawyer, albeit good one but still. Oprah was rejected for not having the talk show pizzazz, and look at her now.

If you want someone to lead this crusade then we will, and we as a group will #makeachange!

Just simple things is all it takes to create a movement. Talk to your friends, your family. Get them to help in any way. Do the small things, for it’s the small things that count. Hold the door open for someone, take a second of your day to give a genuine compliment to a stranger, or even just greet everyone in a day with a smile! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and make a change!


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