The Chronicles of Life

This is as post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, but have never been able to put the words down. This is my attempt at that.

Life is full of mysteries is it not? There comes a time in someone’s life where that person has the realization that there is not enough time to unravel them all. A sad point, but alas it’s true nonetheless. Now I have not come to that realization, and I will continue to question my life until my last breath, which will hopefully be very long from now.

Originally said by Eleanor Roosevelt, this quote continuously speaks out to me, usually in a different way each time. As I grew up I was constantly bombarded by thoughts of the past. My mistakes, my affections, and my opportunity cost. Over time and after much learned philosophy, I realized that there isn’t a reason to be so held up on such afflictions. They were horrible at first, and encompassed most of my life at the time. Now they are a distant memory that rests in the past, to learn from.

As you can most likely see from my other posts, I am quite the visionary for the future. I hope we can achieve great things as a race, within my lifetime. I think that there is much to be done in the ways of unity and prosperity, but at the same time seeing this bright future blinds me from seeing the moment at hand. Even at the moment of writing I am thinking of the future, I am thinking of the lovely people going to read this. Yet I am having to ignore my puppy wanting to play a game of tug-o-war. (Though I am playing a little 😉 )

The moment at hand, or the present if you will, is so crucial to see. Not just see with your eyes, but with all of your senses. The very aroma of the air, the subtle touch of a puppy jumping on your leg, and the beauty in your sight. The present moment is a gift, never forget that.

Life can be very fulfilling even in the littlest tasks, so make it so.

Thanks for reading, and remember to share!



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