A Testament to New Beginnings!

For the most part I try to channel my creative thoughts, and energy to this blog. Now there are times where I can’t get to a computer in time to remember a really good article idea, for that I’m sorry. I believe that the United Living Construct is going to be the ideal way of life, in the future. I haven’t elaborated much of the ideals and goals of the U.L.C. BUT that’s what this post is for. We want to start opening up a bit more, and share this philosophy and lifestyle to all of you lovely people!


Firstly our name: The name United Living Construct comes from the idea of a “Construct of People Living Together in Unity and Prosperity”. A unique idea with all of the self consumed countries around the world, but within those countries there are beacons. Beacons of people illuminating within the crowds, a diamond in the ruff. I hope to bring together these people, from around the world. No matter what religion, creed, ethnicity, and gender.


We are all one race, a human (homo-sapien) race. That means that we should halt this onslaught on each other about “oh that person is different from me”, no they’re not. We may have different backgrounds, but its our future, our “foregrounds” if you will, that matters. Where we end up.

At the moment we are on a path of destruction, and very little is being done about it. It’s rather tragic actually because there is so many beautiful minds on this planet that can make a difference and #makeachange, but we’re not doing it.

I really hope that in the future we will rise up and replace the world we have now. Create a new one in the ashes of the old, an Earth Phoenix.

Phoenix rising from Planet Earth - 212

As always thanks for reading!


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