Step Up Green

I’ve said it before that we are in need of a desperate change. This world is slowing depleting itself, and the cycle of life WILL END. A horrible thought, but a true one nonetheless. Most of the recycling people of the world do simple things like recycling cans or paper, which is great, but its not enough. Sure that is helpful but they’re a small percentage of the population, and even if everybody in the world managed to do it, it wouldn’t be enough. Because what people do not realize is that WE ARE THAT FAR down into the abyss.

Make a Change

Like the picture above, MAKE A CHANGE, and do it now. For if we wait any longer then we will not have a planet to wait on. Now recycling isn’t the only helpful thing  you can do. For example simple things like leaving lights on or electronics that you never use plugged in. Stop leaving those wastes of electricity running and that will help tremendously. I was at my work the other day and I keep seeing them leave a closet light on perpetually. That is such a waste, over each day that consumes a lot of electricity. Most places haven’t switched over to more energy efficient light bulbs, the old kind only use 10% for light, the rest of the 90% of electricity gets dissipated by heat.

Think about that for a second. 90%!

Crazy stuff.

My point is that no matter what you do, it will help in some way, although I strongly encourage you to take up as many green activities as you can. Just a simple switch from buying a pack of water bottles to using a reusable one is good (just make sure its eco friendly!).

Thanks for reading and go green!


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