Philosophy Thoughts: Life

This will be a first in a series of “Philosophy Thoughts”, while back I would get a flow of creativity and mental exploration. In such I would think about many philosophy and existential thoughts. I wrote these down as it happens and as I uncover them in my closet and as I feel it should be posted, I will then post them here! 🙂

Life is an interesting thing. Whether you go or you don’t go, you live in a single moment. You live and you prosper, but not always, for life can be a very peculiar thing. Maybe you have a family, maybe you have wealth, or maybe you have whatever you desire. Either way you have everything and you have nothing. No matter which path your life took you will still not have all of which was previously said. You have nothing.

Life is tricky, there is only a few who actually live with everything, and even though they have everything, they still do not have the inner peace that they truly desire and need.

A majority of life is not happy, where is the love? People are greedy, self-centered, and cruel. Yet also kind, hopeful, and eager for life. (This is similar to what I said in my last post about the Balance of life).

Why must we live like this? The will of God and the will of every single human being is happiness in some form. We need to express and live our life!

Thanks for reading all of this from a 16-year-old me! (My young ideals)




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