The biggest smile hides the saddest heart.

I’ve been thinking lately about psychological and philosophical outcomes from personal behavior. Both inter-personally and personally, for these actions and their outcome have repercussions beyond what that can be foreseen. What I mean is that the difference between one’s conscious and their actions is not only different, but there is also a delay. Such as a signal to the face being sad instead of happy, etc. (This is where micro and nano expressions come in). The outcomes of these actions and that latency could instill a notion in someone’s mind that what that person is doing is their personality or even worse their entire being. (Like if they are having a bad day and snap at you). That can turn that person against that one person just because of that one mistake or action.

These things can be avoided with the proper mentality and the proper outlook. If you look into a person, and try to decipher their emotions, on an interpersonal level, then that could levy the pressure on the interaction. “Put yourself in that person’s shoes”. This direct empathy can conclude to you maintaining a more proper connection with that person.

Now switch it, would you accept this action? As in would you let that person in, or accept their care and emotional connection?

This is the problem with socialization nowadays is that many people do not attain this level of inter-connection. It is truly simple communication, but it is still not done. We are too worried about other people’s perception or approval that we build up walls. This can be a very dangerous decision, for if you fortify yourself too much, you will soon have a fort around you, that will not only make it difficult for someone to come in, but for you to get yourself out.

This internal fort can allude to an abnormal thing, that being a very terrible decision to commit suicide or homicide. Many people in fact enact these things because of their isolation from other people. They erupt with a passion of anger or sadness. The blood on their hands is so overwhelming, even if they solely take their own life. That one life could have been something great in this world. Take Vincent Van Gogh, a hugely famous artist and one of the most famous of all time. He had true skill at the artistic field. Sadly during his time, people were not appreciative of his work. He built up a wall around the people in his town (figuratively of course). That wall eventually led him to commit suicide. Now if he stayed with us for a bit longer then he could have created more amazing paintings, perhaps even had a good life.

Never stray from yourself when talking to others, but don’t get too enclosed that you do not socialize at all. Many a times people forget this careful balance. Just like in life, there is a fine line between each side, but that’s the line you must tread.



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