Philosophy Thoughts: Universe

Space, its all around you, yet so far away. It fills every void, and every crevice. How can that be?

Space is mostly empty although the rest is filled with many wondrous things, such as gases, planets, stars, and super clusters. Many amazing things are enclosed to sectors: Solar systems, quadrants, galaxies, clusters, etc. but space has a plethora of secrets. There are still many many things we do not know about the universe, for it is so big we cannot possibly fathom its grandeur. The thing is it gets even crazier when we take into account multiple-dimensions, time manipulation, micro-verses, and many more.

All of these can lead to disastrous consequences if brought in a non delicate manner. The point to this thought is for you to understand the vast complexity and infinity of the universe. Let it broaden your sense of the world around you, and don’t let simplistic things like skin color, or a bad day change your outlook.


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