United Living Construct is Passion

Passion, it is the driving force in many people. Some think it can be a distracted, such as love or anger, others think it can be a catalyst for greatness.

What we think is that it is both, for the vast expanse of life can only be defined as the ultimate balance. Follow your passion too much and you go insane. Alternatively if you let it dwindle, the fire inside you will burn out as well, ceasing your actions entirely. Take to the sky and let your dreams soar, but don’t go too high or you’ll end up lack of air.

The United Living Construct is my passion, and I have forever thought of it as an exceptional example of what humanity can achieve. The name is unique as it was created to represent the true ideals of humanity. Them being Unity, Life, and Innovation, with these qualities we have built an immensely interconnected world. One of which the Earth (as a whole) has never before seen. We forget the level of ingenuity and genius we have cultivated. Sadly we still have many faults such as the idea of race, the world divided, and global sustenance (more ways than one).

One day we will achieve the level of unity and prosperity we need, but I hope to speed up that process in some shape or form, through the U.L.C. It is this that makes me move on to the next day, and drive me to greater heights. The way I see the world is far from the norm. When I look at people I don’t just see another face in the crowd. I see life, emotions, body language, micro-expressions, and beauty. These natural qualities are cultivated in everyone, some more than others, but anybody can come from the ashes like a phoenix. Only if their intentions are truly good in nature.

There is one thing I always say “External beauty will wither and fade, internal beauty is eternal”.

The United Living Construct is the physical embodiment of what humans can accomplish, and although it is far from completion. We will succeed in uniting the world in a new hopeful light, one that will guide us to prosperity.

As always thanks for reading. -Dustin


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