The Audacious Idea of Change

Change is a fundamental concept that consequently creates a different perception for each person directly, and indirectly, involved. Over the period of which the change occurs the imagery and collective information a person intakes, can vary greatly depending on the standpoint, but also affects how the change acts. Think all of those great movements and events of the past.

With every great passage there is always a ship that transcends along it. That ship can be as small as a person or it could be worldwide. What people don’t seem to realize, and since it is quite metaphysical its understandable that they don’t, is the fact that in the near future there WILL be a tremendous and incremental change. A change that will rock the very foundation of the entire planet. I cannot say with much certainty what that change will be, for anything is possible, but think along the lines of a natural destruction (global warming), human-made destruction (nuclear, or war itself), or even other types that are unforeseeable.


“With change there is always uncertainty.” -Anthony Olson #dontletlife

This is just one of the reasons the United Living Construct was created, albeit one of the most fundamental reasons. I felt there needed to be a drastic change on many accounts. Thinking logically something along the lines of a national speech would be best, but I made do with what I had. Which was a thousand trails of thoughts and philosophy that I desperately wanted to share with all of you.

Unfamiliarity can cause people to stray from making even the slightest change but if something is not done then we are in for an even worse fate the longer we wait.

I know each of you sense it, you feel in your gut that we are headed on a path of annihilation. Just think about it, with all of the world’s resources going to just a handful of countries, leaving the rest to rot like the picture above.

We are one world, no matter what your religion, creed, or even ethnicity is. This is our new creed, the path of prosperity starts with the unity of one another, and the construct of living together in harmony. Just look at the Earth, evoke in it’s beauty. That is our planet, and if we don’t save it then who will?

As always thanks for reading, and my apologies for our absence! Thanks to Anthony Olson for his quote! -Dustin


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