Live with Vitality

Philosophy is often thought of as the spiritual and mental forms of wisdom, although it can also be interpreted in a physical form. What I mean by this is that your actions and your literal movements can translate as philosophy. Think of a spiritual monk, not only is his mentality serene, but his body as well. Many distant religions will cultivate habits in their lives that truly benefit their bodies and minds.

We over in the U.L.C. have created a simple rule that can help you create the habit for your body, mind, and spirit. So far from our experience it has helped with many different situations: fatigue, mental clarity, and inner awareness to name a few.

It goes as follows:

The 10 Rule:


1.Read for 10 minutes (Make sure you start a new book)


2. Meditate for 10 minutes (Simple meditations are easy to find on Google)


3.Workout for 10 minutes (A simple workout: 25 push ups, 25 mountain climbers per leg, and 2.5min plank; You can double the reps after a while)

Each of these will take 30 minutes total from your day, you can slip it between meetings, right after you get out of bed, etc. Over time it would be a good idea to change the amount of reps in the workout, pick a more challenging book, and/or try new meditations.

After you have done this for a couple weeks, it would be even more beneficial to add 5 more minutes per exercise, equally to a 45 min session. The reason for this is that after a while your three points of interest can hit a plateau, and so in order to expand your potential you will need to expand your habit!

The reason why this post came to be is that in my own life I have been realizing more and more that life is too short to live with such lethargic and tense behavior. Many people have physical hindrances that they believe can’t be fixed at home, depending on the situation maybe, but for most even for things like Alzheimer’s.  Many can be relieved or at least dulled by practicing this habit. For the people who have no problems above then its even more beneficial. Your body will leap with stamina, one thing to boost this is Tea. Many brands like YOGI, or Tea Forte are really good for taste and for uses. They boost energy, clarity, recovery, and way more. Spiritually you will be more inclined to other’s emotions due to you being more in-tuned with your own. When we meditate we inevitably look inward, and it allows us to develop a better connection with our own subconscious.

Finally with the reading it sustains your brains capacity to learn and make connections. Not to mention most books will have words and vocabulary that you will not yet know, which can be learned. The more vast your vocabulary the more you will be able to articulate your speech. Possibly opening opportunities that may have not presented themselves before.

All of this still comes down to being able to #makeachange not only in the world but more importantly within yourself. You cannot not even start to change something if you are not willing to change yourself. We hope to follow this habit as well alongside with all of you beautiful people.

As always thank you for reading! Good luck on your new habits! -Dustin


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