Radical Honesty

Honesty is the key to all relationships, no doubt in that. Even though this is common knowledge it is not common practice. We live in a world covered in deceit, lying, and sharp tongues. The fact of the matter is that with all this noise covering up the people who are actually trying to be honest individuals, they start to get enveloped into the group.

How can we get past this obstacle of deception? By a concept of radical honesty. Radical honesty is direct communication between one to an any number of people. No underlying intention or even backward plan, we directly say our words. Speaking with pure of heart.

Recently I’ve taken this into account in my own life. I find that it is so much more beneficial to say what I deem to be the truth of my side of the interaction. So for example if I were to ask a colleague to work with me on something, lets say the outcome is a promotion for myself. If I hide that fact due to the fear of him/her taking my promotion instead then that could lead to complications and competition. If we worked against each other then the quality of the finished product would suffer. Whereas if we worked together and I was upfront “Look hey this project could lead to me getting a promotion, I would love your help on it.” then once the project is complete. You have a promotion and a future ally that can help you out, and more importantly with your higher status you can help them out. (You scratch my back, I scratch yours kind of thing).

I urge you to up your honesty, when you find yourself in a situation where you might find yourself telling a white lie, instead speak up and clarify your meaning. Fight the seed of corruption that is deception. Basically do what is right.

Thanks, -Dustin


2 thoughts on “Radical Honesty

  1. I find the richness in the honesty of my experience to be the blade of what determining outcome – may others come to find the same value in showing up – for the benefit of how reality actually works! Thanks for posting!

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