One Important Life Lesson I Learned from Tetris

As a daily mental stimulation I play Tetris (It’s like a workout for the brain of sorts). It has been a highly addicting habit, as it is fun and as long as you push yourself every time you play, you can learn to make mental connections and it strengthens your brain to be able to make those connections.

I play Marathon and Sprint on:

This site has been invaluable for my mental progression. Although one day recently I was trying to beat my high score on the Sprint game where you have to clear 40 lines as fast as you can. Here is the sticker:

Even if you make mistakes, some really big ones, that will halter your progress in a way. It is best to just leave it and move on.

As I pondered this sudden idea, I realized that this could easily be applied to life. With the constant flux of incoming information and events in your life, you WILL make a mistake along the way. The trick is to not get too worked up over that hindrance. Even if it is big, just drop it and move on, but NEVER forget it. Learn from your mistake and move on. If you focus your energy on a past event that happened, even just a moment ago, it will prevent you from using that energy and concentration on a more important and immediate task.

To put it simply, leave your mistake behind, but learn from it.

As always thanks for reading! We really love seeing your comments and thoughts below! -Dustin


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