The Spark of Perception

Most of the time when I write posts I strive to make it as little as about me as I can (even if I reference my own experiences). I decided to write a post though tonight because there is a certain beauty when looking at the world in the eyes of a philosopher. Socrates, Gandhi, Luther, all of them had beautiful views in their own hearts.

I do (now) call myself a philosopher for this reason: Philosophy comes from the greek words Philos Sophia, meaning Love of Wisdom. Throughout my life I have absorbed as much knowledge as I could, I love it. Over time it becomes clear that knowledge isn’t wisdom, wisdom is the knowledge of knowing that you know nothing. (Socrates) Once you realize that no matter how much you learn, or know, you will always know nothing. Just because there is SO much to know out there, and there will always be something you know nothing about. Saying this, a philosopher is a lover of wisdom, and if there was anything I could attribute to myself is that of my love of wisdom. I love the fact that with the experiences you overcome and live, you will learn from them and that will determine your future thereafter.

In my own perception, I always end up seeing the beauty within people, the audacious and extraordinary beauty. Everyone has that spark inside, even those of evil intent. No one can become purely evil, even if the person is 99% there is that 1% that could prevail and overcome the rest. Never forget that.

Life is a world of balance in every respect. I realize the importance of that now, a lot of eastern philosophies expressed this idea and at first it didn’t click. Now I know that you may want that sugary treat or that healthy apple, either choice you make will have its outcome, but its the balance of maintaining a strong body and mind that will determine your decision. If you eat sweets and junk constantly, then you will develop a primitive outlook on life and the lack of energy will be overwhelming. I know from experience, I was one of those teenagers that ate junk all the time. I eat healthier now, although I still partake in eating the delicious, yet “hazardous” foods.

The power of your own perception leads you in these decisions. One example of this happened to me recently. I have always hated the taste of tea, just could not stand it. Recently as my health suffered for just odd reasons, I got down to a low point in my physical form. Taking action I started looking for vitamins and minerals that would help relieve this, and recover my strength. In this endeavor I took up the habit of drinking tea. I started out with some flavors I thought would be beneficial such as Green Tea Muscle Recovery and Ginseng Vitality. Both of which by Yogi. From then on, until now (being a few weeks already) I’ve been drinking 2 or more cups of tea daily. I was always quite the consumer of food and beverages, but now instead of drinking a liter or so of soda, I am drinking tea or water. Still have been cheating with my soda diet, I’ll be honest, but I have made tremendous progress in this regard. I hope you all could perhaps join me on my goal for health.

Back to the perception, it is my believe that even though our perception generally stays the same throughout periods in our lives. Although it is our ability as sentient beings to be able to change that. We can #makeachange within ourselves that creates a new-found sight. This sight allows us to see things that we would have otherwise ignored before. Such as opportunities that come out of failures, situations that may occur solely when we are admiring the gorgeous aroma of nature, or even when we learn to try new things. Just think about what even just one of those things above would do for your life. It would make a drastic change right away. It wouldn’t even be that hard to just open your mind a bit to allow these new opportunities to flow.

Think about your perception and allow yourself to create a new layer of understanding. Use this understanding to overcome obstacles that would have been “impossible” before, or to reach even greater heights. Not only our minds, but our bodies, souls, and even emotions can reach new levels. Except this isn’t a video game where your avatar levels up, its your real life that is doing the leveling. Gain these attributes and you will prosper!

As always thank you for reading! -Dustin


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