The Tides of Fate

Not everyone believes in the idea of Fate or Destiny, heck even I do not know what I believe either. Yet one thing stands clear, that if it does exist, then it is a cruel mistress. What I mean by this is that everybody has their own path in life, and we have the power to differ from that path to some degree although I would presume it’s difficult.

There is also a hint of hope embedded with fate because then you know it will all turn out right in the end. I’ve said before that life is a roller coaster going up and down. If you are in a downward slope then you know it will eventually rise back up.

Our paths always intertwine, and even if we spend nearly our entire lives with someone, our paths will never be the same. Everybody has their own experiences and story to tell. Its a really mind blowing thing to think about, every person you meet could stay in your life or leave right away never to be seen again. EVER. That’s not to say they died or just vanished from existence but for your life they will disappear, only to be brought back by memories. Back to our point with fate, then with this idea everybody you’ve met, even the ones you barely spent time with, are meant to be in your lives for some reason or another. Perhaps to teach you a lesson, or to marry you, you never know.

These are just some things to think about, even if you don’t believe in destiny. Although I’m sure there are a lot of you who might, and you’re not alone. Many religions and philosophies perceive fate as a real entity. Such as Hinduism where your destiny is there for you to follow, your duty if you will. Etc.

Just know that things happen to you for a reason, good or bad. If you follow through your path then it should all end up well in the end.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a thinker. -Dustin


3 thoughts on “The Tides of Fate

  1. Any fate or path you or anyone chooses is created by that person.”You can choose from phantom fate or kindness that can kill,I will choose a path that’s clear-I will choose free will”. Credit Neil Peart for that quote,those are lyrics from the song “Free Will” by Rush.


    1. Some people believe though that fate is set in stone, unchangeable. I’m not sure my self, I like to think I have a destined goal in mind (Mainly with the United Living Construct being center), but perhaps too its totally of my own making as well. Or could it be both?

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