Love of Wisdom

The love of wisdom, or more commonly known as philosophy, is an impact on someone’s life in more ways than one. It is not something you just read and store for later, it hits you in the soul and leaves a mark. Philosophy has to be learned from within your own mind and cognition, you can’t just teach it to someone. Even if you help them on their journey, they still have to learn it on their own accord. If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you can assume that most of the people following this blog are philosophers in their own rights. Being lovers of wisdom, or a “philosopher”.

I started this blog with one main intention, and that was to unite people of like-minded orientation, and of the philosopher kind. There needs to be a change in the world, perhaps drastic, and I can see no one better than a group of philosopher to guide the world in a peaceful way. Beings acting like beacons of light in a large cloud of darkness. The corruption and destruction, we have endured and created on this planet, truly needs to stop. Together living united under a construct of philosophers and the world’s greatest, can we hope to make a difference.

We are people with awakened minds, and we see the world how it really is, and not for the facade it is made out to be. We are the people who will rise up and rebirth the world, in a peaceful way (I cannot stress this enough), and the world will be reborn as a phoenix.

Phoenix rising from Planet Earth - 212

This grand endeavor could take decades but I believe it could be sooner if the entire world was working together. Alas the only extant I think that would happen is if some world-wide affliction was happening (such as an alien invasion; if there is even aliens). Any story that has been created like this, all have some sort of enemy for the world to unite against. Now I believe that enemy could be a spiritual one, such as the blindness of faith, and vast separation between religions. Others may not see that as such.

At this point in the blog post you may be thinking, well this is all very convincing, but how do I do anything about it? Perfectly good question, and quite honestly I am not sure if my answer is perfect but it is still good nonetheless:

If you want to make a change in any way or magnitude, then start with making a change in your life. Nobody can change others, but we can influence them. The more experience we have with change within our own lives, then the more influence we possess. So start by making your bed EVERY morning, participate in our “10 Rule”, meditating for 10 min, reading for 10 min, and working out for 10min EVERYDAY. Make a change in your diet, and start eating healthier, or perhaps get rid of soda (I am doing the same thing, and replaced it with organic teas; feel free to ask for recommendations). Any change, no matter how little, could end up leading to a big change in your life.

There was an idea I spoke of in an earlier post, that anything can happen and for a reason that may be unknowingly the best thing to ever happen to you. For example, today you decide to take me up on my idea of drinking tea. You decide to go to a tea shop, and when you’re there you meet your love of your life.

Anything could happen and it is up to you to make sure it does. You never know what opportunities would arise from one simple change. The best thing to do is to make your own opportunities, and live your short life to the fullest.


A lot of this seems cliché or as if it was common sense, but alas most people don’t see this common sense. It’s not that they are impaired by any regard, at least from a knowledge standpoint. They just haven’t been showed this ideology, or perhaps may have never been introduced to philosophy entirely. There are plenty of places around country and world where philosophy goes nowhere (so they think at least) and they don’t teach it (or at least show people how to learn it). There are some though now where CEO’s and world leaders, who see the importance of learning the philosophy of life, and the human regard. It actually helps them tremendously, and I wish more of them learned it. Leaders have been doing this for centuries though and it has made little effect. We can’t just have our leaders be the philosophers, while the common folk just blindly listen to them. Not only could a leader be corruption for greed or power, but the people themselves need to know the reasoning behind the leader’s actions. It allows everybody to be on the same page, and lets us work together on problems. Even if the leader gets the final say, the people could spark an idea that the leader couldn’t have possibly come up with on his/her own.

Philosophy is an integral part of ANYBODY’s life, and I strongly urge you to explore it for yourself. Pick a great leader or philosopher of the past, and just learn about the person. Read, watch, listen, whatever you need to do to get the information, then ponder on it and learn the philosophy.

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin



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