The Key to Any Relationship is Purely Communication

Today I’ve been pondering on the thoughts of what it takes to connect with someone on any level. It does not matter if it is a platonic friendship or an intense romance and what I came up with is pretty common sense, Communication. At my place of work I converse with a variety of people, and must articulate the regulations that pertain to certain aspects of the facility. With this constant interaction I am able to decipher the inner workings of interpersonal communication. Both verbal and nonverbal. This is some of the things I have found, that may be useful to you all as well.

As I said before communication is key to your relationships, and most people don’t seem to realize how much (or how little) we do it on a daily basis. Sometimes people are not the best communicators, even if they think they are, and they end up not clearly stating their views on a given situation. Conversely some people are naturally adept and communicating and they are able to articulate exactly what they want or need from someone. Now like any other skill, your communication skills can be improved too.

I wish there was a quick way to become fluent in communication, but it is more of a daily practice. Purely trying new ways of talking and manipulating your body language to get your point across. See an attractive person across the room? Manipulate your body language into telling them you’re interested by leaning towards their direction, make subtle eye contact, etc. Perhaps you’re in a meeting and you want to show your colleagues that your plan of action is truly the best course to go, then speak with enthusiasm, speak with confidence, and let your body show the same. As much as I detest the Pack Mentality, following some alpha male traits like taking up space or rising up to the occasion when needed, are great ways to communicate your  perspective.

A little hashtag I like to use on the U.L.C. is #makeachange as I want to stand behind what I say and show you that if I can Make a Change, then so can you! I bring this up because I’ve made changes in my own life that help me for the better, not only in general but in communication in particular. Over the past year alone I have become a more skilled with communicating with people. I hope to get even better over my life, but for now here is what I’ve learned:

  1. Firstly you HAVE to be audacious with your endeavors, rather it be with romance or with your occupation. If you are audacious, then you are able to speak confidently with a more natural rhythm to your speech, as it makes it easier for you to be confident in the process.
  2. Secondly don’t be afraid of speaking from the heart because if you let something slide once, then who is to say you won’t let it slide again? Then over a period of time, the situation that you were able to stand, becomes too tedious and you burst with frustration. Let your feelings and point of view be heard so that the situation does not escalate.
  3. Finally you need to realize that no one can read your mind. Even that LITTLE detail that you might think was communicated well, but was not said aloud, could inevitably never be known by someone else. So even if you think it’s not important to tell someone what you’re thinking because it’s so “small”, it still is important to let them know.

Here is a recap:

Be confident in your speech, speak from the heart, and nothing is too little to be important.

As always thanks for reading and do not let yourself succumb to frustration because you didn’t tell someone how you felt!



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