Never Plan too Much

One thing that is ever apparent is that people over plan their lives. We plan what we’re gonna have for dinner, we plan for events, we even plan what happens for when we die. Now to some extent this is really good, to know what is going to happen to some degree, is very helpful. There gets to a point where this hinders discovery, fun, even creativity. If you plan the world out in front of you, then you’ll never deviate from the path, and have fun or discover anything new.

Some of the best inventions and discoveries were found without planning. Such as electricity (in its form we know now), potato chips, play-doh, etc. These were all found when looking and planning for a different outcome. If their inventors planned just a tiny bit more, then we wouldn’t have such great inventions (not just the ones mentioned above).

In the end life is literally going with the flow, no matter how much you plan. Every experience, every event, and everything else, is all in the moment and in the now. So sure plan for things, plan to be good at them, it is always great to be prepared, but never stress over not planning it all, for some of your best experiences WILL be the ones that you didn’t plan.

There is an ocean of opportunities out there, always reach for the stars, and only plan for the important things.

As always thanks for reading! -Dustin


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