The Train Is Rolling Again

Lately I have been scarcely posting on here, for which I apologize. I have become quite busy, even still I have an inner drive that will see the United Living Construct into fruition. The very scope of this vision, is vast to say the least. I have to achieve this goal of bringing a change to the world. The United Living Construct WILL be the guiding light in the world, I have no doubt in my mind of that. I was blocked with the challenge of how I shall accomplish this feat, but I believe that starting small with the blog, and then spreading the wings out can bring us to new heights.

I have to do this, the passion that burns inside me is never-ending.

I cannot let these ideas die with me in my life, and so I must strive for them to be released in some shape or form. Even if they are not in the form I first intended, as long as the information gets passed onto all of you, then you may process the philosophy and information in your own light.

We will go down in history as the people who lead the world out of its current state, and into a new age of prosperity and peace.

Thanks for reading everybody, and I very much appreciate all of your support! -Dustin


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