The Age of a New Civilization

In a world that is consumed by ever-growing corruption and separation, we strive as a race to overcome tyranny. Democracy was born out of the ashes of civilizations of old. It at first was a great way to express one’s individual freedoms and to have the right to freedom itself. America was the first to fully pull it off, but along the way we lost that glimmer.

Outshined by the hope of a new day, democracy grew restless and faulty. We have people solely focused on greed and money, instead of people and prosperity.


This is why the United Living Construct was created. It is the next step in humanity’s timeline. A pinnacle of human achievement, or at least it will be. Imagine for a moment, a city the size of San Francisco, with the uniqueness and quality of the Google Headquarters, and the unity and prosperity of Atlantis.

We need to come together in number and in resource to put this together. Our current system wastes a tremendous amount of every resource. If we can do a reset on how we live our lives, and treat our planet, then we can alter our consumption and usage. When we create the U.L.C. it would be under a new slate. Something that could be seen as a fresh start, with all the knowledge of the past, and the preparation for the future.

Windows Holographic Lens
Windows Holographic Lens

Our technology will be the best of the best, and since we are a unique society we will be able to continue our progress with tech even farther. Gone are the days of relying on other countries for goods and tech. We will be self-sustaining and cultured in the world’s affairs. We will not have to be in tuned with the world, for if we chose we could live on our own in glorious seclusion, but this is not why the U.L.C. is made. We aim to be the beacon of humanity’s greatest achievements and expectations. We cannot leave the rest of the world behind, for it will suffer in our absence.



We must create an environment that can cultivate ideas and people foremost, then the rest second. One thing I realize is that nothing matters, if the people are suffering. We need a way to guide them out of the confusion and into the new light of our race.

This idea is something I literally cannot go a day without thinking about or envisioning. I feel it within my very being that this has to happen, and it is that passion that will help us accomplish this grand task. So please join me on this venture for greatness!

As always thanks for reading, and be sure to share this with the world! -Dustin


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