EQ The Hidden Weapon

We always state the idea of the U.L.C. being the pinnacle of humanity, but how do we accomplish this level? I like to think of it as a balance or “mix” of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) AND EQ (Emotional Intelligence). The blend of Compassion/Empathy with Analysis/Cognition. One thing I think that most people forget about is Emotional Intelligence, and lately it has been brought up in many different situations. The ability to know how your own emotions and the emotions of others works, is truly a peculiar thing.

We can analyze people rather than facts or equations, compared to our IQ counterparts. In my experience this is a remarkable feat, being able to connect to a person on an intimate level, even if they’re a stranger, is like trying your favorite treat for the first time. The thrill of meeting a new person can be exhilarating, and I’m sure when people with high IQ make a discovery in whatever field they partake it feels the same way. Though making discoveries and learning facts can only take you so far if you do not have anyone to share them with. The amount of pure social community that extroverted people have is quite amazing, and the ability to start-up a conversation with anybody is extremely handy for accomplishing goals.

One major difference between IQ and EQ is how you see the world. Now being a person with a rather high IQ and a high EQ, I feel prepared to be a spokesperson on the matter. (Although if you feel I explained your particular side inadequately do let me know!). People with high IQ will see the world in a matter of facts, numbers, and the base nature of science. That base nature can be physics, mathematics, or even visualizing equations and mathematical angles with no technological aid.

This is a hypercube, or “tesseract”. It is a fourth dimensional object, far beyond our 3-D understanding. It is the subject of numerous debates, questions, and study. I found myself drawn to the idea of it a lot in my last year of school, and drawing it on my assignments in the corner, sides, etc. People with high IQ’s like to challenge their minds with stuff like this, and at times they will come up with something extraordinary (Take Newton or Vincent Van Gogh for example). Alas these discoveries or creations amount to nothing if they cannot spread among the rest of humanity. These underrated geniuses went for centuries (sometimes less), without recognition, and perhaps if they had a greater understanding of other people, or EQ, then they would have been more successful in their lifetime.

On the alternative side with EQ, people with this intelligence see the world quite differently. We know that science and knowledge is important, but we put it aside for it does not interest us as much as people do. I know that myself personally I see the world as a large group of people, not as a rock floating in space, racing around the sun. At my place of work I see many people come and go, and the interesting thing is the way I view them. I see them not as different ethnicities or classes, but as people with emotions and body language. I detect their subtle body or face movements (micro-expressions), and determine their state of mind and emotional level. This has allowed me to prevent people from becoming irate, or allowed me to increase their own happiness.

Expressing my own compassion in ways that are unique and personal to myself. The Dalai Lama tends to share the idea of “Global Compassion”, which is the fact that all people ARE PEOPLE, we are all conscious human beings that should be treated as such. Sadly there are not many people who understand this concept, or choose to live by it. In fact this idea is one the biggest factors into the creation of the United Living Construct.

The very fact that neither IQ or EQ is more important, is what needs to be strongly advised, for both work in a way that is beneficial to humanity as a whole. We need both in order to survive and thrive. It is my hope that we can reach a global level of ambiverted population, people who are a mix of Introversion and extraversion. It is then that we can move on as a planet. We need to work in unity, even if some people are still purely IQ or EQ individuals. It really isn’t that hard to do so either, all we need to do is realize the simplicity of working together as whole.

Success will be OUR future, and WE WILL be unified! -Dustin


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