All of You Are a Start to a Revolution

A revolution is a monumental step in humanity’s progress, we’ve had many in the past all around the world, but one is the most prudent to our discussion, the American Revolution. This feat we accomplished was so grand the very patriotism that sparked it still runs in our blood. We still feel like patriots at times, with all of the self pride that comes with it. This is how we have lasted this long as a nation, purely simpled minded patriotism. Now I am not deprecating on this, for it is good to have love for one’s nation, although at the stature of ours it really is not needed. All the time I see posts on Facebook about our gun rights, or Obama’s actions, or companies trying to facilitate their operations, etc. The pure fact that this is how we see a nation of the free, and how we show our own viewpoints on the matter in such a way, is rather illogical.

We must enact our freedoms and rights in ways that are beneficial to the overall common good. Realize the mistakes you make, be it being a fool in front of your colleagues, or a missed opportunity. The grand outcome of realizing your mistakes will pave the way for the future endeavors.

I do not necessarily believe in fate, but we ARE all intertwined. Our actions will set forth a path that WILL impact the people around us, and the very fact that we are ever more interconnected today allows us to impact even more people.

That is it we are people, always remember that, the people that will come together and start the worldwide revolution. We must take after our patriot ancestors, or even if you’re somewhere else in the world there is a revolution of importance in your past. Take inspiration from that and reach forth the idea of freedom and progress. Our reach will never end as long as we work together on a planetary level. Skip the social paradigm, and if people look at you funny, then good that means its working.


We need to recycle the ways of the past, even if that means letting go the social standards and beliefs of ages past. Faith is good to have, but don’t let it cloud your judgement. We must be restarted through a revolution in order to #makeachange.

Join the United Living Construct in our efforts to make one of the biggest changes in the world.


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