A Real Life Tomorrowland

Walter Elias Disney had a dream, well more like a vision, of a world where wonders beyond imagination are created. He was a man before his time, and his actions prove that. Being a natural innovator and creator, he produced a multitude of things such as Oswald the Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, and even more famously the Walt Disney World.

Now we are not here to talk about this man, for solely his vision is the topic of this post. His vision of pure innovation, captivated the minds of others for decades. When he was able to finally started physically manifesting it with his theme parks, it showed his genius more thoroughly. Take Tomorrowland, a concept of a world of innovation and technology. A place where people create marvels of such vast grandeur, it is amazing to imagine. With Disney world he was able to express those thoughts, but sadly most of the technology that he envision did not get invented by the time of his passing, even some still aren’t quite made fully at the moment.

This world is beautiful beyond belief, and I believe it can be created.

Recently I went to go see the new movie Tomorrowland, and I have to say I was quite impressed, although I’ll be honest it was more cinematic than expected. The point is that the dream he envisioned, the dream of Tomorrowland, is greatly similar to the dream I have of the United Living Construct. Now for a time when I have written posts, I tended to hold back this vision, for I did not want people to think that the U.L.C. was purely a physical construct. Which I hope it will be one day, but for now it is a philosophical destination. One of which where we can come together and ponder our minds, and accomplish great things.

This movie explains it as a place where the greatest minds come together to solve the world’s challenges, whilst away from the distractions of the world. Now where in the movie it says they’re in another dimension, well in our world I hope to create it as an island city. A city-state where technology and nature blend together, no longer will our planet suffer due to our industrialization. Our world can see us as the pinnacle of what humanity can create and achieve. A beacon of light for it to follow, and if they so choose that they do not wish to join us on our creation, then that is their choice. This cannot be a movement like the ones in the past, for they have been single-minded about separating from their previous situation.

I.e. Patriots, they wanted to separate from the UK. The Nazis, they wanted to solely have the Aryan race as the dominant race (although they’re not even a different race, as we’ve talked about before). Even today there are so many different things going on that we may end up trying to divide ourselves until every person is on their own.

Separation from one another is not the right way to go about it. We NEED unity because the world is headed downhill fast. We can #makeachange and we will. The possibilities are endless if we work together in unison. The creative genius of humans as a whole, is never-ending.

This is why dreams (R.E.M. at least) are so fascinating for scientists, and they study them so much. Both daydreams that we envision, and dreams that we live in at night, are the way we can imagine a brighter future for all. It has always been my dream to physically create the United Living Construct. A place where people’s skin, history, religion, are irrelevant to our goal.

We are the leaders of the future, and we must set an example for the world to follow.



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